How do I get a parking sticker and how many can I get?

If you are a new owner or new tenant you can get a parking sticker once you have been approved and bring in your vehicle registration for the office to have a copy on file. If you are getting a new car bring in the registration for the new vehicle and complete the form called VEHICLE INFO UPDATE. See office for details on the number of stickers/ guest passes allowed.

Can I make changes to my townhouse?

Please refer to the Documents link provided on this website for specifics on this question. Any repairs made on a unit must have a permit issued by The Town of Jupiter and be completed by a licensed general contractors.  These repairs must also comply with Article 7 Section 7.3 of the Riverwalk Governing Documents.

How does the HOA spend my dues money?

They pay for the cost of landscaping, pool maintenance, management, and saving for major reoccurring projects such as painting, roofing, etc.

How do I report a non-working street light?
Call the property manager's office at 561-747-6209 and leave a message on the office voice mail. If at all possible, getting the pole number of the street light is very helpful.

How do I get a copy of the covenants?
When you closed on your home, you should have received a copy of the covenants. If you do not have them, request a copy from the property manager at $75.00 per copy. These will have all that you need to know about homeownership in Riverwalk.

We are selling our home, what do we need to do?
Make sure your dues are current and that your unit is in good condition. (Article 7.3 in the Covenants)

When and where are our monthly meetings?
The monthly meetings are held at the pool next to the property manager's office at 7:00 p.m. and is scheduled on the main bulletin board for each monthly meeting. Be a part of the important issues that concern your living spaces-attend your meetings-they are for you!

Who do I call regarding a security issue?
Dial 911, the Jupiter Police Department and report the problem.

Am I responsible for picking up my pet's waste?
YES, the owner of every dog and cat shall be responsible for the removal of any feces deposited by his/her animal on public property, public walks, public beaches, recreation areas or private property of others. This information is per the Jupiter Animal Control Ordinance.

What are the leash laws for pets in Jupiter?
It shall be unlawful for any dog to be off the owner's property (which property is exclusive to the owner and does not include common areas) unless the dog is under the restraint or control of a person by means of a chain, leash or other device or is sufficiently near its handler to be under his direct control and is obedient to that handler's commands or is caged/crated. It shall be unlawful for an owner to tie, chain, tether or confine by electronic/radio device a dog on the owner's property within five (5) feet of public property, public access, easements, common grounds or the property of another without the consent of the owner of such property.  Unsterilized cats must be confined to the owner's property. Unsterilized cats off the owner's property must be restrained or confined humanely to prevent them from running at large and to protect them from injury and disease.

How can I get a pool key/ Tennis Court Key?

This key can be purchased at the office for $75.00 (Check or money order only made out to Riverwalk HOA.)

How can I get a Boat Ramp Key?

This key can be given to you at the office for a $100.00 deposit (Check or money order only made out to Riverwalk HOA.)


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